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SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Rankings

Technical SEO software tools can help you identify the changes you need to implement on your website so you can gain ranking opportunities in the SERPs. In addition, it can help you discover coding issues that you may not be aware of so you can correct them which can help increase your website speed and improve user experience. Subscribe to our Technical SEO Spidering Tool and get unlimited scans with our Enterprise subscription.

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Powerful Website SEO Tools to Boost Your Traffic

Below are some of the features you will find with our SEO software

SaaS SEO Software

Features of our SEO software tools

SpiderNow's software is designed to improve your website SEO including coding issues related to web page speed. It gives you tools to improve your code, SEO issues and extract data so our software can analyze issues and audit for common errors related to rankings. Our tools are made for websites of all sizes. Our software gathers and analyzes your data so your team can make better decisions on how to improve your rankings. SEO Agencies will benefit from our technology and discover better ways to improve their rankings in the SERPs.

  Fast website crawlers with Unlimited Page Crawls*

  Scan individual folders, individual web page or full website

  Save most recent scan and continue on another devices anytime

  You can even rescan a single page inside a full website scan

  Easy to use visual interface for a better user experience

  No software downloads, use on any mobile, iPad or desktop device

  Use our developer and SEO tools to update pages and rescan in real time

  AI-powered generation tools to instantly correct errors**


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New SpiderNow Updates

System Improvement

We are currently working on system enhancements and updates to optimize performance, increase speed, and enhance your experience.

AI Generative Tool

To modify your title tag, meta description, H-tags, alt tags, and more, just click on the AI Generate (#3) button. It will show you the original content (#2) and display the updated content generated by our AI (#1) for you to use on your website. If you're not happy with the new AI-generated content, simply click the "AI Generate" button again to get another variation.

AI Generative Tool

Adding AI Credit Add-ons

Now you can rewrite your Technical SEO with our AI tool add-ons to improve all your SEO projects. Coming shortly, you'll be able to consolidate all generated title tags, descriptions, H-tags, and page content into one simple step. You can then will be able to save your work for easy exporting to Google Docs, streamlining the process of delivering your saved work to your developer.

AI Generative Credits

Getting Started with SpiderNow

4 ways to get started from the SpiderNow dashboard for improving your website:

1. Enter your URL and then choose how you want to crawl your website, either by a single page or an entire website.
2. You can quickly save, edit or delete a client's scan for easy access to make changes.
3. Improve a client's website code and images for better page performance and improving rankings.
4. Download our Technical SEO tool to your favorite browser for quick edits to your pages. Choose from our Chrome Extension or Microsoft Edge tools.

Getting started with SpiderNow

Saving Client Website Scans

Now you can save for each of your client's Technical SEO and Website Audit reports to your account and quickly pick back up where you left off on any device, anywhere.

Save Website Scans

AI Credit & Add-ons

We have developed the Add-ons system. Now, we have introduced AI Credit and Save Scan functionalities, and we are actively working on more impressive Add-ons. With AI Credit, you can access AI features, and you can also expand your save scan limit. The estimated update is scheduled for April 25, 2024.
AI Credits and Saved Scans

Download All report - March 6

We are currently working on the Download/Export option, which will be released soon. Initially, we plan to release the capability to download a single report, followed by the ability to download all reports, internal links, external links, broken links, etc., one by one. The release for single report download is expected on February 20th 2024.
SaaS SEO Software

Subscription usage reset date - Feb 21

Implemented a basic Excel Download/Export option for single reports, providing essential information. The current download version contains minimal details. The next update will include errors and warnings.
SEO Software

Subscription usage reset date - Feb 20

As per user's request, we have added the Subscription Usage Reset Date to both the user's profile and the Subscription page.

Rescan - 13 Feb 2024

Implemented a rescan option, allowing users to update a single page from the scan results or the saved items without rescanning the entire website.SaaS Software

Full Report Improve - 10 Feb 2024

Improved the full report functionality on the scan page for more reliable and consistent results.
SEO Scan Software

Improved Page Analysis - 9 Feb 2024

Implemented enhanced page analysis tools to ensure more reliable and consistent results. Addressed the issue of blank results.

Save Scan issue fix - 5 Feb 2024

Addressed save scan-related issues based on user feedback.

Save Scan Optimization - 30 Jan 2024

Enhanced the functionality of the save scan feature to improve user experience.

Save Scan - 25 Jan 2024

Implemented a save option for scans, allowing users to save, rename, update, delete, or view the saved scan.
SaaS Scanning Software

Optimizing - 10 Jan 2024

Optimizing for scanning large websites. where user is able to scan large website with less ram usages.

AI Generator - 5 Jan 2024

Introduced the capability to generate AI content for titles, descriptions, and heading items.

Enhance grammar detection - 1 Jan 2024

Enhance grammar detection for more efficient performance and ensure compatibility with mobile devices.

Server issue option - 25 Dec 2023

Scans will identify server issues such as caching problems, compression issues, and whether HTTP/2 is enabled or not.