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What is considered a full website scan? Each time you click on the ‘Analyze’ button or refresh a page within a saved scan, that is considered a scan regardless of whether you scan for a single URL on a website or all of the URLs on a website. This means you can crawl all of the URLs for the same website or as many websites as you want as often as you like within the limits of your paid subscription.

Free Standard Advance Enterprise
Subscription prices
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per month
per month
per month
Crawling your website
Full Website Scan with Unlimited URL/Page Crawl*
Scan any website at anytime
2,000 15,000 Unlimited
No limits on projects or websites you can scan Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Single Page Scan and Re-Scan  Under the free account you can crawl up to 10 single pages for free each month. Once your limits are used up each month our system will automatically refill your account with 10 additional single page scans. 10
View Scan Details and Issues 10
AI Generative Tools
Limits can be increased with add-ons
10 credits 20 credits 50 credits
Saved Scans
Limits can be increased with add-ons
3 6 10
Spell Check and Grammar Check
Limits can be increased with add-ons
10,000 characters 20,000 characters 30,000 characters
Analyzing your website performance
Page Analysis Scans 2,000 15,000 Unlimited
Page Metric Scores 10
Page Insights with suggested corrections
Tools to improve your SEO
SEO Tool Scans 2,000 15,000 Unlimited
Technical SEO with Scan Details and Priority Issues
Page Speed Analysis Report
HTML Tools
CSS Tools with Critical CSS Generator
JS Tools
Image Optimization and WebP Tools
Word Counter and Keyword Density Tools
Follow your page links
Link Checker Scans 2,000 15,000 Unlimited
Deep Page Scans
Automatically generate useful code
Code Generator Files 2,000 15,000 Unlimited
Htaccess Generator
Sitemap Generator
Critical CSS Generator
AI Generative Tools
AI credits never expire
$0.01 per credit** $0.01 per credit** $0.01 per credit**
Saved Scans
Per website with unlimited pages (one time fee)
$2 per website that never expires $2 per website that never expires $2 per website that never expires
Package Add-Ons Coming Soon **
Increase Spell Check and Grammar Check $10 for 1 million characters $10 for 1 million characters $10 for 1 million characters
Download PDF and Excel Files (White labeled). Downloadable Files 50 200 500
White Labeled Website PDF Reports 50 200 500
Download Full Website and Single Page Excel Files 50 200 500
Technical SEO and Page Analysis Downloads 50 200 500
Htaccess, Sitemap and Critical CSS Downloads 50 200 500
Site Architecture and Crawl Visualisations (Link and Radial Trees) 200 500
Widget Scans for User Website (White Labeled) 2,000 15,000 Unlimited
Including Additional Team Members to Account 10 30 200
WordPress Plugin
SEO Tools Coming Soon **
Website Rankings in Google and Bing
Top Search Queries
View Indexed Web Pages
View Robot.txt and Sitemap
Check Page Authority and Domain Authority
High Quality Backlinks
New and Poor Backlinks
Top Referrers
Crawlability Test
Test Web Page Headers
Regional Speed Test
Top Referrers
Link Analysis
Keyword Research
Competition Tool

 SEO Spider Tool software version 7.2.5
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* Your Unlimited Page Crawl depends on the amount of allocated memory your device has. Learn more in our Help Center.
** View our Subscription Agreement to learn more about our Add-ons.