The team behind SpiderNow software

We are a Martech company that develops SaaS software focused on solving complex coding and marketing issues for websites with Technical SEO issues. We are located near downtown Raleigh. NC and have representatives from around the world with locations in Singapore, Philippines, Bangladesh, Lagos State, Brazil and the United States.


Meet our leadership team

Experts in organic marketing since 1997, our team specializes in web development, digital marketing, software development and project management. We devloped an advanced Martech software solution focused on identifying and solving complex code and improving on-page technical SEO issues. Our website crawler captures a website’s code and performs site audits in real-time so you can analyze the results. Some of our software features include SEO tools, coding generators, AI-powered generation tools, and web audits that measure the performance metrics of your site and display common SEO issues. Our comprehensive software is a great fit for SEO agencies, web developers and businesses wanting to discover ways they can improve their rankings and website speed.

Organic & Digital Marketing
Bryan Williamson 
Co-Founder and Partner
Web Developer & Digital Marketer
LinkedIn Account

A leader in the digital marketing industry with over 27 years experience whose primary focus has been on Organic SEO. For over 20 years he served as CEO for, a leading global transportation aggregator offering shuttle, rideshare and inventory management products. He oversaw the digital marketing for the company which controlled the SERPs for over 3,000 airports most of his tenure. He previously served as CTO of HDN (Hotel Distribution Network), a leading global hotel aggregator offering contracted hotel rates for over 120+ countries through their inventory management system. Currently he serves as an Executive Advisor for tech companies needing an experienced board of director and advisor.

Organic SEO Marketing | Technical SEO | Search Engine Marketing | Digital Marketing | Mobile Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Video Marketing | Target Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Analytics | PPC Advertising | Perl | AngularJS | PHP | HTML | CSS | Javascript | SQL | WordPress | Magento | Joomla | jQuery

Software Developer
Mamunur Rashid
Co-Founder and Partner
Senior Software Engineer
LinkedIn Account

With over 8 years of experience in custom web and SaaS application development, including UX/UI expertise, he has served as the lead developer for for 5 years. During this time, he played a pivotal role in building the backend, which included developing the web app for—a portal designed for transportation providers to manage their inventory and reseller accounts. His proficiency extends to Linux server management, encompassing WHM administration, DNS configuration, and adept utilization of WHMCS for comprehensive web hosting solutions. He is also experienced in working with both Nginx and Apache server environments.

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | Ajax | PHP | SQL | MySQL | Node Js | Bun Js | Vue JS | Nuxt JS | ASP.NET | Rest API | API Integration | Paypal | Stripe | Debugging and Troubleshooting | Laravel | CodeIgniter | PSD/Image to HTML | WordPress | HTML to WordPress | WordPress Theme Development | WordPress Plugin Development | WHM/VPS Server Management | WHMCS Management

Social Media Specialists
Nowshin Nadhira
Social Media Management

Helping to improve SpiderNow's Social Media profiles and Social Media Marketing strategies for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and InstaLinkedin.

Social Media Marketing | Social Media Growth and Management | Instagram influencer | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instgram

Website Developer
Sachin Gowda
Web Development

Highly skilled professional specializing in custom website designs and web development. With a deep expertise in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, Sachin has the necessary tools to bring a unique vision to SpiderNow. His talent and proficiency will help elevate our prescence for online branding and organic growth.

Web Design | Web Development | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript

Junior Software Engineer
Istiak Shanto
Junior Developer

Software Engineer skilled at designing, developing, and maintaining complex software applications. Helps build website, web application, Restful API, Desktop application and Database design and is an expert in HTML, CSS, VueJS, NuxtJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Firebase, MongoDB, and SQL.

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Node.JS | Vue.JS | React.JS

Off-Page SEO and Sales
Muhammad Abrar
Off-Page SEO and Sales

Specializing in Off-Page SEO, content marketing and link building. With years of experience SEO and increasing subscriptions and management of user accounts.

Web Design | Web Development | HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | Content Marketing | Link Building | Off-Page SEO

Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood, MBA
Finance Advisor at Capital Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance Advisor for SpiderNow, assisting with raising capital. A fractional CFO and full-cycle accounting services provider, she is a trusted ally in the intricate art of company building, guiding founders through every stage of the journey. She helps with securing crucial funding, crafting winning business models, optimizing scalability, and ultimately achieving remarkable exits.

GAAP Compliance | Financial Reporting | Business Strategy | Funding

BBF Lawfirm
Buckmiller, Boyette & Frost, PLLC
Outside Legal Counsel at BBF Lawfirm

Attorneys for SpiderNow, assisting as legal counsel providing advice and solution to its business needs and goals.. Buckmiller, Boyette & Frost, PLLC (“BBF”) has more than 25 years of combined legal experience, proudly representing and advising businesses and individuals throughout the State of North Carolina.

Business Law | Business Litigation | Acquisitions | Sale Of Assets | Corporate Governance | Shareholder

Latest Press Releases & News

January 2, 2024: SpiderNow being featured on AppSumo to its millions of users.


November 17, 2023: Presentation at RedHat with pitches for CED-Led GRO Incubator Demo Day.


September 21, 2023: SpiderNow's free Microsoft Edge Add-Ons SpiderNow is now listed on the Microsoft Edge.


September 6, 2023: SpiderNow's free Google Chrome Extension SpiderNow is now listed on the Chrome Web Store.


August 17, 2023 - rebrands itself as SpiderNow.


March 24, 2023 - launches its software into Beta.

SpiderNow Logos & Brand Identity
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(Icon Logo) The icon is a simplified version of our complete logo. It is the most simple version of our logo mark family.

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(Complete Logo) A comprehensive and preferred logo mark to represent our brand.

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(Banner) SpiderNow banners represents the platform and its B2B capabilities (i.e. supply, tech and advertising solutions for partners) and is a sampling of our brands that communicate our scale.

SpiderNow Display

(Display) SpiderNow banners represents the platform and its B2B capabilities (i.e. supply, tech and advertising solutions for partners) and is a sampling of our brands that communicate our scale.