SpiderNow launch its Technical SEO Spider Tool

The Technical SEO Spider Tool was launched in July of 2023 after a year of building its web crawler that scans and detects problematic issues with a website for Technical SEO.

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An alternative new way to handle your Technical SEO site audit

Improving Tech SEO Software
SpiderNow launches its Technical SEO Spider Tool

All-new SEO tool will revolutionize digital marketing and web development


July 26, 2023; Cary, NC – SpiderNow has officially launched its all-new Technical SEO Spider Tool. This advanced web crawler will help provide businesses, web developers, digital marketers and SEO agencies with a unique way to handle their Technical SEO efforts.


Technical SEO Spider Tool website crawler captures and extracts vital website data and performs a site audit in real-time so users can analyze the results quickly. This will help users discover On-Page SEO issues quickly so improvements to the code help improve search engine traffic.


In addition, Technical SEO Spider Tool highlights issues and errors within a website’s code so users not only can identify an issue but offers a solution as well. Problematic code can range from poor optimization, PageSpeed Insights errors, coding and validation errors, and other unknown factors.


Once the highlighted issues are identified, SpiderNow’s software helps users correct the issues with its coding tools, coding generators, and AI-powered generation tools before the user uploads the changes to their website. In the end, users get a fully optimized website error free.


Users will receive a complete analysis, allowing them to improve their website SEO and help rank higher on search engines. It also includes AI-powered generative tools that instantly correct errors, saves and rescans pages, and improves a website’s performance in real time.


According to SpiderNow co-founder, Bryan Williamson, the Technical SEO Spider Tool is ideal for SEO agencies, web developers, digital marketers, and businesses seeking to increase growth and maximize online exposure.


Williamson partnered with Mamanur Rashid to create the SEO tool. The duo previously managed and developed an internet transportation aggregator business that spanned over 20 years. The company focused on consolidating black car vehicles at over 3,000 airports around the world. Williamson was the company’s CEO before it was acquired by an Australian-based company. After this previous business, Williamson and Rashid teamed up once more to create the Technical SEO Spider Tool.


The Technical SEO Spider enables users to understand their Technical SEO thoroughly, potentially leading to more website traffic. The software helps users analyze website performance metrics, with its easy-to-use interface, which can be used on any device. Unlike many other SEO spider software, the Technical SEO Spider Tool is a web app rather than a downloadable program.


'While a full SEO audit can be quite complicated and technical, we strive to provide our users with the most user-friendly software available to help them be more efficient in their work,' Williamson said. 'We took the leading SEO spider crawler software and expanded upon it, adding new features and removing many of the limitations that users experienced. The results could help many businesses become even more successful.'


Users can run the Technical SEO Spider Tool from any device, anywhere starting at $5 per month. Users can also get a free subscription that automatically refills the limits each month. Learn more about the Technical SEO Spider tool at SpiderNow.


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