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User review of SEO SaaS Tool
Enhanced Scan Review and Save Feature Will Make This a Must-Have

Running a scan yields an abundance of data, necessitating multiple reviews of various aspects to fully leverage the information. The current lack of a save function means that if you navigate away, your scan disappears. However, the imminent introduction of a save feature will significantly improve SpiderNow. Although it is seriously limited in its current form, its extensive capabilities warrant patience. With the promised update on the horizon, I'm rating it four tacos, reflecting my optimism for its potential rather than the lower rating I would give based on its present state. 4yourithing

Web Development Reviews
At last, an SEO tool that makes sense

Finally, an SEO tool that is easy to use. I have so many SEO tools, but I need something that gives me the info I need in an uncomplicated way. There are also additional tools like the htaccess code generator, CSS critical and minification tool and Java scripting tools. There's also an AI tool to help you generate content like headers etc... The speed test tool is also great, but having one or two features found in GTmetrix would make it even better. Overall, this is a fabulous tool. Julian Vandenberg

SEO Marketing Review
Good Tool

I wanted to share my experience with the service. Here's a breakdown of what I found particularly impressive and areas where I think there's room for improvement. Pros: User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Spider Now is user-friendly PageSpeed API Integration: Setting up the PageSpeed API was an absolute breeze. I appreciated the simplicity of the process. Clear Scan Results: The URL scan results provided by Spider Now are presented in a very digestible format. This clarity makes it easy to understand the data and act upon it. AI-Driven Title Generation: The AI feature for generating titles based on recommendations is a standout tool but limited in usage. Cons: Lack of Saved Scans: One major drawback is the absence of a feature to save scan results for future reference. It would be incredibly helpful to revisit past scans when working on the same URL at a later time without having to redo the entire process. No PDF Reports: Currently, Spider Now does not offer the option to export scan results in PDF format. Confusing Image Listings: The service lists missing images, but it became somewhat perplexing when images were embedded within content rather than placed as standalone items. It took some additional effort to discern why certain images were flagged, which can be a bit time-consuming. They have a good product to work and make it much better. GTMetrix like features, if added, will certainly make this a go to tool. Let's see how this works out. Satish Kumar Singh

SEO SaaS Review
Simply one of the best...

This is, hands down, one of the best purchases I have made here. I have EVERY page or site auditor under the sun, and I find HUGE value here.

We have LOTS of sites with lots of pages; most pages get indexed, and some don't. Like none other, with a simple glance, this software has been able to show me WHY these pages aren't in the index. The stupid, small mistakes, inconsistencies, and duplications.

I just want to say, well done to the team, and I am REALLY looking forward to using the platform as it grows.

 Verified AppSumo Purchaser

Digital SEO Review
Amazing SEO tool

While the interface still needs some getting used to, and I wish the tool is still missing a few features that I really like in GTmetrix, it’s still a solid SEO tool to analyze any website and get the data you need to improve it. Can’t wait for downloadable pdf reports. Otherwise, definitely one of the better tools here on AppSumo! Aron

SEO Reviewer
Essential to stay ahead of the competition

I've experimented with various web analysis software, and this one has truly won me over. There are still many upcoming functions that I believe will make this software the most comprehensive on the market for this purpose. I'm also impressed by the founders' prompt and precise responses to challenging questions. My only suggestion for improvement would be to reveal the new limits of the upcoming features, enabling users to decide whether it's worth purchasing a higher tier. Undoubtedly, one of the best LTDs that will be available on Appsumo this year. Mario Altiam Kabir