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We offer in-house or zoom conference training for your staff whether they specialize in marketing or are developers on how to correct issues with speed and coding errors before they begin to optimize a website.

  No credit card required. Limits refilled each month.


SEO Training for Developers and Marketers

Learn how our company can help your staff regardless of their background from SEO marketers to developers, we can help you improve how you approach and rank your clients.

SEO training for staff

Locate coding errors before you optimize

If your agency has spent years optimizing and gone through the traditional steps to rank your client then you are doing it all wrong. Google ranks speed as one of its most important ranking factors and without speed you will continue to rank your clients in the SERPs.


To better understand what we do, you will need on staff someone who is a developer and/or a marketer who can work together. We teach your team how to correct what is needed in order to rank in Google and Bing. This may seem unordinary for many but without this you will never reach the top of the SERPs correctly so you can compete against your competitors.


 View one of our clients who had website loading and ranking issues: Before and After Lighouse Fixes


Some of the items we will teach your team

Below are some of the items we discuss including how to format a website for rankings, core updates, Google penalties and rules and more.

We guarantee your teach will be able to reach 90-100% for Lighthouse

Clean up HTML Validators

Correct and separate Critical CSS from footer CSS

Update htaccess coding for speed and enable compressions

Correcting Coding Errors that slow down CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

Adding Snippets for Customer Reviews, FAQs and Breadcrumbs

Learn the SEO correct tools needed to rank for quality not quantity leads

Advice coding and how to maintain your code

Adding Learn how to manage on-page SEO and off-page SEO

How to use Inspect Element to improve responsive layouts and FCP (First Contentful Paint)

How to use Performance Insights to improve loading, rendering and scripting

How to identify crawl issue, duplicate content/elements and content including linking errors

Below are some of the software we will teach your team how to use and identify issues that you need to correct for speed and improved rankings:



Lighthouse Audit testing


Inspector Performance testing


Performance Insights test


Critical CSS code



Schema test for Breadcrumbs


In addition to our training we can help your agency through any of your current projects. If you need additional consulting or assistance with any troublesome code for your clients we are here to help you resolve those issues quickly.


The above information is a brief explanation of this technique. To learn more about how we can help your company improve its rankings in the SERPs, contact our team below.