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SpiderNow is a website crawler that captures and extracts vital website data and performs a site audit in real-time so you can analyze the results quickly. Improve your website's Technical SEO and Page Audit with our spidering software for improvements in page speed and performance. A great fit for SEO agencies, web developers, digital marketers and businesses.
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Issues with Technical SEO

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How do our Website Crawlers work?

When you subscribe to our Technical SEO Spider Tool you will discover a better way of auditing and analyzing performance metrics of your website. With a quick, easy to use interface that can be used on any device anywhere you are. Our software is designed for SEO agencies, web developers and businesses who want to improve their rankings and website performance. Our advanced website crawler captures every element of a website's code in real-time and then highlights issues and errors within the code. Problematic code can range from poor optimization, coding and validation errors, PageSpeed Insights errors and other unknown factors. Once the highlighted issues are identified then our software helps you correct these issues through our coding tools, and coding generators before you upload the changes to your website.

  Fast website crawlers with Unlimited Page Crawls*

  Scan individual folders, individual web page or full website

  Save most recent scan and continue on another devices anytime

  View site architecture and crawl visualisations

  Easy to use visual interface for a better user experience

  No software downloads, use on any mobile, iPad or desktop device

  Use our developer and SEO tools to update pages and rescan in real time

  AI-powered generation tools to instantly correct errors**

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Want better SEO, Website Code and Performace?

When you subscribe you will gain access to a wide range of SEO software features that can help you find coding errors and show you ways to correct it, accelerate website speed, improve loading errors and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your website effectively for a better user experience.


SEO Issues You May Be Having
Issues with Technical SEO
Are you having issues with your website rankings or have a website with poor user experience? Getting an SEO audit can help you prioritize the work you need to do to improve the performance of your website.

To be successful you will want to to focus your attention on perfecting your Technical SEO efforts and diligently seek to narrow down problematic code and modify your on-page SEO efforts to improve your on-page SEO.

Minimal traffic


High bounce rate


Increasing traffic loss


Pages are slow to load


Poor quality or outdated content


Broken site links


Pages displaying a 'HTTPS not secure' warning


Low conversion rate


Competitors ranking higher than you


No effort in ranking for long-tail keywords

Our SEO Tool Scans For
Web crawler scans for issues
If you want to keep your website optimized you will need to conduct a thorough SEO audit. You will get insights into on-page SEO issues you may have not been aware of so you can begin improving the overall rankings and performance of your website so you can create an effective SEO strategy.

Site architecture


Offsite SEO








Duplicate content


Broken links


Dangling links


Similar title tags


Duplicate meta descriptions


Web copy editing


HTML Validation


Browser & resolution compatibilities


Page loading times


Site statistics


Error page

Our SEO Tool Helps On-Page SEO
Improving your on-page SEO
Our comprehensive Technical SEO Spider tool is a fast, very effective way to analyze your site's on-page SEO issues. Our web crawlers can be used on any device anywhere you are. When you conduct a website audit you will discover an overall view of every element of your site so you can improve your pages quickly with ease.

Boost your website’s on-page SEO and get the results you need from our user friendly interface. You will quickly get a full report of your site and a list of priorities to review and improve.

Structured data






Site structure


Page speed


Topical relevance




Headlines and headers


Title tags


URL naming conventions


Meta description

SEO Spider Tool & Website Audit

Spidering website
Our Technical Spider Tool is a powerful website crawler that can help you discover issues and analyze the results in real time. You will be able to discover Technical SEO issues such as:

Discover Broken Links and Images


Spider JavaScript Sites


Audit Redirects (301, 302, etc)


Find Duplicate Content


Discover Low/High Character Counts


Review Internal & External Links


Review Robots & Directives

Coding & SEO Tools

SEO tools
Our SEO software tool offer you solutions to common issues ranging from minifying css and beautifying your code, creating critical css files, optimizing and compressing images for WebP and more. Some of our content features include word counter, keyword density checker and link checker that crawls your website looking for broken links.

Link Checker


Generate Critical CSS


Spelling and Grammar Checks


Beautify HTML, JS and CSS


Keyword Density Checker


CSS, JS & Text Tools


Minify HTML, JS and CSS


PageSpeed Insights

Code Generators to Improve SEO
Code Generators
Sometimes it can be difficult for users to understand which method is the proper way to create their code. Using the correct code for rich snippets, sitemaps and compressing files in .htaccess are important which is why we offer code generators. These features take the hassle out of understanding how to make it work and lets us create the code and make it work for you.

Generate XML Sitemaps


Generate Htaccess Files


Rich Snippets Generator


Schema Markup Generator

 Need more data? Explore the power of our API for developers, please contact us

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Cybersecurity Professional
Great tool!

SpiderNow goes beyond my expectations and is more comprehensive than many other SEO tools when it comes to auditing my website. Their Technical SEO Spider tool provides great information about your site's SEO requirements and any issues that need to be fixed. I recommend this software to anyone who is looking for a solution to improving their website. Very helpful! Dr. Dan Glauber
Kintek Group
Cybersecurity Professional

Search Engine Assessor
Great alternative to ScreamingFrog and Sitebulb!
Recently, I've been using SpiderNow to audit websites for potential SEO issues, and it is extremely helpful in my daily work. The layout is clear and intuitive, and the tool provides a comprehensive set of technical and on-page SEO insights. It's a great alternative to other similar tools like ScreamingFrog and Sitebulb. Abderrazak ROUAG
TELUS International
Search Engine Assessor

SEO Manager
Many ways beats out ScreamingFrog

If you need to get your technical SEO under control, check out SpiderNow. In my experience the way it handles auditing a website is amazing and in many ways beats out ScreamingFrog. Nicholas Crusie
SEO Manager

Off Page SEO
Perfect Fit for Developers

Great and Effective tool for analysing the whole website. Highly Recommended. Muhammad Abrar
Off Page SEO

App Developer
One of the best website audit tools

One of the best website audit tools makes it easy to identify and fix SEO issues, improve search engine rankings, and also offers a few advanced features. I love to utilize it. Sanjith Sarkar
Nevadia Technology
Engineering, App Developer

Web Development
Must-have website crawler

SpiderNow is a must-have website crawler. It swiftly captures and extracts vital data and offers real-time site audits for quick analysis. It's become indispensable for my SEO and data-gathering tasks. Md Omor Faruk
Engineering at Staff India
Head of Web Development